Server Information

Server Location Tokyo - Good for US and SEA Players
Server Timezone GMT + 8
DDOS Protection Enabled
Server Episode 13.2 Encounter with the Unknown
Available Classes Transcendent with Custom Classes
Game Guard Gepard Shield 3.0
Main Language English
Server Mechanics Pre-Renewal
Mobile Client Android
VIP System Disabled
Battlegrounds Enabled
Max Clients Unlimited
MVP Cards Enabled
Armor Status Unfrost Server
Max Base Level 185
Max Job Level 100
Base Experience Rate 150x
Job Experience Rate 150x
General Drop Rate 250x
Card Drop Rate (Normal) 5%
Card Drop Rate (MVP/Mini) 1%
Rare Card Drop Rate (MVP/Mini) 0.25 ~ 1.00%
Server Mode Non PK Server
Instant Cast Dex 150
Max Attack Speed 194
Max Guild Member 27
Max Party Member 20
Max Zeny per Character 2,000,000,000
Automated Events Dice, Cluckers, NvZ and more!
Featured Events King of Emperium & War of Emperium
Farming Features Branch Room, Gold Room, Monster Arena
Break The Seal Quest Enabled
Banking System Enabled
Daily Rewards Exlusive Enabled
Daily Quests Enabled
Hourly Rewards Enabled
Token Quest Enabled
PvP Points in PvP Rooms Enabled
MvP Arena Enabled
Costume Weapons Enabled
PvP & MvP Rankings with Statues Enabled
Playable Clients Android Mobile Client & PC Client
Custom Commands
@commands Shows all the custom commands in game
@inn Warps you to Main Hall
@request (message) Send a message to all online Staff
@npc / @gonpc Warps you to specific NPC
@hold Enable/Disable walking
@ii (Item ID#) Display Item Description
@security Set your account security status ON/OFF
@points Shows the total of your points status
@market & @marketkill Create and Remove your market clone
@spb Show Party Buffs
@seeitems Shows items or not on the floor
@battleinfo Shows battle info of Kill, Death and Skill used
@packetfilter To filter Chat, Skills and Equipment View
!ping Shows your ping statistic
@lgp (on/off) Enable/Disable Light Graphics Plugin feature